About The Buddies

Buddy #1: Sheri

My Mom was and still is my inspiration. I never went to school for any kind of art, but I’ve always loved crafts. I thankĀ  my Mom for continuously encouraging my creative genes that I inherited from her. The two of us experimented with so many different kinds of crafts and hobbies throughout the years, I couldn’t even begin to count them all. But I’ve always loved glass. When I was in my 20′sĀ  I collected my first art glass perfume bottle. I thought they were so delicate and amazing. How could someone make something so beautiful and fragile yet functional? Then about 10 years ago I developed a love for making jewelry. In my search for new and exciting beads, I stumbled across these amazing tiny pieces of art called lampwork beads. For years I coveted them, drooled over them on the internet and swore I would someday learn to make them myself. While my youngest son was growing old enough for me to be able to leave him so I could bead, I spent countless hours teaching myself through online resources and books. The time finally came to bribe my husband into building my basement studio setup. Once that happened I dove right into lampworking and all it’s many facets. It’s an amazing process with so many techniques to learn and explore and so many incredibly talented artists out there. The lampworking community is a very large and gracious one and I thank all the people who have been kind enough to answer my questions and help with ideas and inspiration. I’m hope the learning process with continue and I will create for years to come.

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